Owen Barritt (hmmm_tea) wrote in hmmm_twea,
Owen Barritt

hmmm_tea's Tweets for Today

hmmm_tea's Tweets for Today:

17:04 is about to take coals to Newcastle (well swords, but it all amounts to the same thing really) #

17:32 posted that prematurely and is off home instead #

17:34 wishes his brain wouldn't insist on forgetting important things, like, say, the id he needs to in to bed tonight #

17:52 now has passport, but suspects getting to KX for train in 30 mins may not be possible from here. #

18:04 has finally figured out what twitter's for. Lamenting your own stupidity. #

18:41 was quite correct it did take more than 30 minutes. Bother! #

19:48 is ON A TRAIN! (shouted just to ensure everyone else in the carriage is aware of this fact) #

20:02 has, finally, left London. ETA Newcastle 23.16. #

23:06 has performed miracles overcoming his own incompetence and finally arrived in Newcastle. #

23:18 didn't even need his ID after all that #

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